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Auto Detailing Every car owner would like a vehicle that is immaculate, just like the day they brought it home from the dealer’s lot. It can be difficult to find time in your schedule to clean your car to your own desire, but you can rely on Gilbride.

As an extension of Gilbride’s Limousine service, Auto Detailing is one of our specialties, after all our clients expect an ultra clean vehicle to pull up to their door. We have getting into every nook and cranny of a vehicle down to a science, we do it so often with our own vehicles. So you can be assured that when we detail your car, truck, SUV, or mini-van, we will most certainly get all the dust, grease, and mud from the outside as well as every spec of dirt, grime and happy meal remnant from the inside. Serving the greater Lackawanna County area with a reputation of honesty, confidentiality, and excellence, each customer receives personal one on one care and is guaranteed to be satisfied by our family run business!

Why Have Your Car Detailed?
Both winter and summer can be cruel to your vehicle. The road salt used in PA as we all know can be detrimental to the health of your paint’s finish. Sun and Rain are both hard on the paint. Paint can become oxidized and dull. A simple car wash will only remove the dirt. Detailing will help preserves the finish and restore the beauty of the paint. Removing the build up of dull road tar and oxidation, Detailing provides long term protection to preserve a newer look. 

Buying a vehicle is a major investment. You do regular engine maintenance to help protect your that investment but did you know getting your vehicle detailed can be as important as changing the oil? With all of the environmental contaminants in today’s world taking a toll on the finish, doesn’t it make sense to have the outside that everyone can see protected as well?

And DID YOU KNOW… auto detailing can make repeated car washing easier and more effective?

It is important to get your vehicle detailed at least twice a year!

Applying a sealant to your vehicle’s finish will provide maximum protection against the sun’s UV rays, acid rain, dust, and dirt accumulation, bird dropping, and other environmental hazards.

Having the carpets & upholstery shampooed 2 times a year will rid the interior of accumulated dirt, stains, & odor causing bacteria which can deteriorate the carpets & depreciate the value of your vehicle.

Applying carpet and fabric protection will prevent most spills from staining.

**Car Detailing will help protect your investment & keep it at maximum book value.

**Vehicle Detailing will actually get your more money when you’re selling it as a private party. After all the first impression of your vehicle is the outside, the second when the doors open.

Let Gilbride’s Auto Detailing get your car looking and feeling brand new. 


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